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LED price war of the four major factions of the enterprise

publisher:adminrelease time:[ 2015-8-13 ]

After the last week of the LED price war - prewar analysis and coping strategies of ", interviewed by a number of lighting companies responsible person, on whether to join the price war, and how to deal with the fierce price wars and other issues, the companies have elaborated their challenges and countermeasures. We find that the enterprises according to their own development and strategic thinking of the different, in the face of the price war, but it is not the same as the countermeasure.


The Hawks


Mu Linsen, Foshan lighting:


Price war is inevitable!


The advantages of scale and strength, the advantage of resources integration, is the enterprise to put forward the product price, the premise condition of the price war; expand the market space, promote the "healthy development of the industry" is the purpose of launching a price war.


Recently, wood Linsen in Guangzhou started "the battle of the Sen" apprenticeship, and op lighting, Foshan Lighting industry heavyweights to lift LED lighting universal storm.


Linsen wood Co., Ltd. marketing general manager Lin Jiliang said T8 lamp price war, Linsen push ourselves and the industry transformation of the originator. It forces people to think about this new change, new changes, new ideas, new values, new rules, new normal.


MLS Co., Ltd, deputy general manager Li Hong Zhou also said that the wood Linsen to seek and establish the tonnage and status in lighting products market, is to take advantage of their size and strength, to lead the lighting industry innovation. Capable of leading change, leading the upheavals of the lighting industry for the better direction and collaboration to promote LED lighting industry to develop healthily, so that more manufacturers have more room for development. Linsen initiated the battle of Sen, is to create the industry's new value is focus on the price, to creating new value, is for the industry to create new value of the new system.


Price war is one of the main characters of the Foshan Lighting, this year in Guangya Exhibition show composed of such classic series T8 pure glass tube material "Tongtian column", successfully won the viewers eye and popular brand hall. Chen Wenji, director of operations of the Department of Foshan lighting LED, said the LED industry's current low price competition has been very intense, the price of T8 lamps is inevitable. According to Chen Wenji said, Foshan lighting in the price level has made some adjustments, but the quality of the product has not declined, but through the integration of resources, improve the program to reduce prices, the future high performance ratio is the direction of product consumption.


It is understood that in 2015 is the real turning point of the LED lighting industry, the proportion of LED lighting and traditional lighting into the state of 3 to 7. A new round of price war began, and might allow users to effectively reduce the cost of replacement of the initial, both use led to replace the traditional, or replacement of the LED is good or bad can let led more popular, also can produce more high quality of multi-level personalized facets of the market.


Harmonious school




With the non benign price, rather than pushing the development of


Price war is a non healthy competition, will make the products marked with the label of low quality, not conducive to brand reputation, will eventually be restricted to enhance the innovation capability of enterprises and industries to upgrade the overall export competitiveness, as well as the development of pushing the cooperation between enterprises.


NVC, chairman and CEO of sliding pointed out that in recent years, with the export contract, squeeze the domestic market, diminished demographic dividend, operating costs increased, the real estate industry and depression problems, China's lighting business has always been faced with complex and ever-changing industry environment. In the field of LED lighting, China's lighting market has not yet fully erupted, that has been faced with excess capacity, a large influx of foreign capital, technical barriers, price war, profit margins are severely squeezed, gross margin and net profit decline and other development bottlenecks. The survival and development of enterprises, can be described as not easy. Since the beginning of 2012, the lighting industry began to enter the brutal shuffle, still in the cultivation of China's LED lighting industry frequent closures of the tide, foot door and other key words, mergers and acquisitions, etc., in the world lighting stage, Chinese companies have not yet played its rightful place, that is, in a dilemma. And the prisoner's dilemma of Chinese lighting enterprises, in the light of this year, the performance is very obvious.


Due to the lack of appropriate standards in the domestic market, domestic LED enterprises in order to sacrifice the quality of products to seize the market, bad money drives out good money. Wang Dong Lei believes that as a result of not by the sound development of enterprises caused by premium products, prices fell, then by the enterprise undertakes accumulated brand reputation may label being hit as low quality, which undoubtedly is drinking poison to quench thirst, the loss outweights the outcome. Ultimately will restrict the improvement of enterprise innovation ability and the industry's overall export competitiveness.


Facing the industry predicament, Wang Donglei suggested that enterprises should hold together for common development. Baotuan coordination, cooperation, innovation, quality, fight fight is a brand, is to go out, please come in, is the sustainable development. In the competition and seek cooperation, common development, cooperation and innovation, in order to promote the industry to gather market to resist risks.


Wang Donglei thinks, China lighting will usher in a new period of development and have a brilliant future, LED lighting is undoubtedly the next outlet. Chinese LED lighting enterprises should continue to enhance the level of technology, product level, outstanding product characteristics, optimize the product structure, strengthen cooperation in the upstream and downstream cooperation, in order to win the initiative in the competition with international giants, win respect, reshape the world according to the new order, new pattern.


Anti war faction